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The following are a series of chapters, articles and/or publications by Robin Deacon:

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'Robin Deacon: Filenote #15', Camden Arts Centre, (2006)


The following are a series of references to the work of Robin Deacon in articles and publications written by academics, critics and artists:

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Exeunt: Review of ‘Europe: Endless’ by Diana Damian Martin (15/12/2015)

Exeunt: Review of ‘White Balance’ by Nisha Ramaya (10/11/2015)

SPILL: Interview with Lewis Church on ‘White Balance’ (11/2015)

Artwrit: Interview with Anthony Romero (05/2012)

F News Magazine: Review of ‘Too Beautiful to be Wasted’ (03/2012)

Brooklyn Rail: Interview with Liz Axelrod (on Stuart Sherman) (02/2012)

Bellyflop: Review of ‘Stuart Sherman’s Hamlet by Robin Deacon’ (8/11/2010)

The Guardian: Feature by Matt Trueman (05/05/2009)

Culture Wars: Review by Matt Trueman of ‘Prototypes’ (21/04/2009)

Open Dialogues: An Interview with Rachel Lois Clapham (02/2009)

Culture Wars: Feature on ‘Documenting Live’ by Rachel Lois Clapham (10/2008)

Artists Newsletter: ‘Playing with Reenactment’, a review by Niki Russell (06/2008)


E + D Magazine (USA) Interview by Sammi Skolmoski on ‘White Balance’ (20/02/2015)

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The Irish News (UK) Feature by Brian Campbell, ‘No More Mr. Nice Guy’ (7/05/2005)

The Irish Times (UK) Review by Peter Crawley (11/04/2004)

Metro (UK) Interview, on ‘Colin Powell’ (1/06/2004)

Metro (UK) Interview by Tamsin Curry (16/09/2004)

Metro (UK): Review by Tamsin Curry of ‘Harry and Me’ (20/08/2004)

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The Independent (UK): Review by Kate Bassett of ‘Harry and Me’ (15/08/2004)

The Scotsman (UK): Review by Jay Richardson of ‘Harry and Me’ (12/08/2004)

The Sunday Times (UK): Feature by Allan Brown on ‘Harry and Me’ (15/08/2004)

kunst.ee (Estonia): Feature on Gooseflesh Festival, Rakvere, Estonia (3/2001)


Performance Matters Archive (2012) This 40 DVD publication is a collaboration between the British Library and Live Art Development Agency and includes documentation of ‘Robin Deacon presents Stuart Sherman’s Spaghetti Spectacle’.

Performance Saga: Liveartwork DVD (2011) Hewitt, C. [Ed.] Video documenting Robin Deacon’s contribution to the Performance Saga festival, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Liveartwork DVD Issue 10 (2010) Hewitt, C. [Ed.] Edited footage of Approximating the Art of Stuart Sherman performance included in this DVD magazine.

British Library Sound and Moving Image Catalogue ‘Robin Deacon presents Stuart Sherman’s Hamlet (a Portrait)’ + Post Show Talk (2010), ‘Approximating the Art of Stuart Sherman’ (2010)

Documenting Live, Live Art Development Agency (2008) Bailey, D. and Shah, R. [Eds.] Selected works and interview included in this educational resource.

OMSKBOOK, OMSK/Arts Council England (2007) Moloney, C. [Ed.] Exhibition Catalogue Entry and video ‘Passionate About’ in supplementary DVD.

Liveartwork DVD Issue 1 (2006) Hewitt, C. [Ed.] Edited footage of ‘Dispatches’ performance included in this DVD magazine.