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ABOVE: Europe, Endless (2015) Photograph by Eleni Kolliopoulou

Unless indicated, listed performances were in programmed group show/festival contexts.

Screen Memories [Performance]

Mana Contemporary, Chicago, USA: 09.23.2020

Erratum [Performance]

Foyles Bookshop, London, UK: 02.25.2020

Vinyl Equations [Performance]

In>Time Festival, Links Hall, Chicago, USA: 02.27 – 28.2019

Diverse Actions: New Work (Live Art UK), Colchester Arts Centre, Cambridge Junction and Norwich Arts Centre, UK: 11.20 -22.2018

TBA Festival: Portland Institute of Contemporary Arts, Portland, USA: 09.11 – 13.2018

Ergot and other Stories [Performance/Reading]

Poets Theater Festival, Sector 2337 (Green Lantern Press), Chicago, USA: 12.08.2018

Venice International Performance Art Week, European Cultural Centre, Italy: 12.15.2017

Conversion [Performance/Reading]

PRELUDE Festival (Institute of Failure with Matthew Goulish & Tim Etchells) Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, New York, USA: 10.5.2016

On-Edge Festival (Institute of Failure with Matthew Goulish & Tim Etchells) Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, USA: 2.23.2016

Europe, Endless [Performance]

Love Letters to a (Post) Europe, BIOS Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece: 10.03.2015

White Balance:  A History of Video [Performance/Lecture]

SPILL Festival of Performance, Barbican Centre, London, UK: 11.04 – 06.2015

Conversations at the Edge: Experimental Media Season Series ‘15, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, USA: 02.19.2015

Hitparaden 2 Festival of Performance, Pumpehuset, Copenhagen, Denmark: 09.19.2014

Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery, New York, USA: 10.10 - 12.2013 [Franklin Furnace Inc. Artist Award Performance]

New Performance Festival, Dance Theatre ERI, Turku, Finland: 06.14 and 15.2013

The Conversation [Performance]

UK/Chicago, UK Consul General's Residence, Chicago, USA: 04.13.2012

Nixon [Performance]

Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago, USA: 04.01.2012

The Argument Against the Body [Performance]

This is Not a Performance or a Lecture, Loughborough University, UK: 06.11.2011

Samtalekøkkenet, Warehouse 9, Copenhagen, Denmark: 02.07.2011

Kings Place Festival, Kings Place, London, UK: 09.09.2010

Approximating the Art of Stuart Sherman [Performance/Lecture]

China Art Academy, Shanghai, China, 07.04.2013

Heidelberger Kunstverein, Heidelberg, Germany: 06.07.2013 [Solo performance as part of ‘Stuart Sherman: Right Brain Problems’ Exhibition]

Trade Gallery, Nottingham, UK: 03.16.2013 [Solo performance as part of ‘Stuart Sherman Spectacles (1975 - 1989)’, Exhibition]

Centre d’art Contemporain, Geneva, Switzerland: 03.14.2013 [Solo performance as part of ‘Hotel Abisso’ Exhibition]

Performance Matters Symposium, Toynbee Hall,London, UK: 10.06.2010

After Live Performance Festival, Norwich Arts Centre, UK: 09.04.2010

PSi#15: Performance Studies International Conference, University of Zagreb, Croatia, 06.25.2009

Performing Presence: From Live to Simulated, University of Exeter, UK: 03.26.2009

Robin Deacon - Artist in Residence, The Watermill Center, New York, USA: 03.07.2009

The Whitstable Biennial – Festival of Contemporary Arts, Whitstable, UK: 02.22.2008

Performance Saga Festival,Arsenic Centre, Lausanne, Switzerland: 02.12.2009

Emily Harvey Foundation Gallery, New York, USA: 01.04 – 06.2009

Spring Public Seminar Series, Roehampton University, London: 02.2008

OMSK (Live Art/Screening Event), South London Gallery, London, UK: 06.30.2007

Robin Deacon - Artist in Residence, Camden Arts Centre, London, UK: 06.21.2006

Robin Deacon presents Stuart Sherman’s Hamlet (A Portrait) [Performance]

Remake: Performing Documents Conference, Arnolfini, UK: 09.15.2012

Sacred Festival of Performance: US Radical, Chelsea Theatre, London, UK: 11.06.2010

Prototypes [Performance]

Spill Festival of Performance, Soho Theatre, London: 04.16 – 18.2009

Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany: 01.29 and 03.01.2008

Artsadmin Summer Season, Toynbee Hall, London, UK: 06.13 – 14.2007

The Sensitive Skin Festival of Performance, Nottingham Trent University, UK: 05.25.2006

Green Room Spring Season ’06, The Green Room, Manchester, UK: 04.07.2006

Dispatches [Performance]

IETM Symposium, Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland: 06.25 – 27.2008

Robin Deacon - Artist in Residence, Sophiensaele, Berlin, Germany: 09.03 and 04.2005

Whatever Happened to Colin Powell? [Performance]

Live Brits ll (Performance Program), Hebel Am Ufer, Berlin, Germany: 07.05.2008

Live Art Zone, NDSM, Amsterdam, Holland: 05.16 and 17.2008

The Artist as Opinion Leader (Symposium), Estate De Horst, Utrecht, Netherlands: 27–30.09.2007

Performing Rights Vienna,Tanzquartier Wien, Vienna, Austria: 03.09.2007

Kosmopolis Festival of Literature, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), Barcelona, Spain: 10.20.2006

So Low’ Season of Performance, The Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster, UK: 11.16.2005

BAC Oktoberfest, Battersea Arts Centre, London, UK: 10.12–13.2005

Decibel UK Arts Council Showcase, The Green Room, Manchester, UK: 06.2005

The Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, Belfast Circus School,Belfast, UK: 05.07.2005

Do Not Interrupt Your Activities (Group Exhibition),Royal College of Art, London, UK: 04.16.2005

Process and Performance (Live Art Program),Toynbee Hall Studios, London, UK: 11.27.2004

About Time Performance Festival, Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland: 11.25.2004

Fierce Earth International Performance Festival, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Birmingham, UK: 06.01.2004

Harry & Me [Performance]

BAC Oktoberfest, Battersea Arts Centre, London, UK: 10.6 – 8.2004

Manchester Royal Exchange, Manchester UK: 09.16 – 18.2004

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, TheGilded Balloon, Edinburgh, UK: 08.06 – 30.2004

Live Art on Tour in the East, Cambridge Junction, Colchester Arts Centre, UK: 03.11 – 13.2004

Experimentica Live Art Festival, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, UK: 10.09.2003

Fierce Earth International Performance Festival, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Birmingham, UK: 06.05.2003

How it Works [Performance]

Kaskadenkondensator Project Space, Basel, Switzerland: 05.30.2002

Gooseflesh Video and Performance Festival, Rakvere, Estonia: 07.26.2001

Double O [Performance]

The National Review of Live Art, The Arches, Glasgow, UK: 02.15.2002

PUSH – Black Artists Festival, Young Vic Theatre, London, UK: 07.14.2001

Hard Water and Other Objects [Performance]

PSi#7: Performance Studies International Conference, University of Mainz, Germany: 03.29.2001

The Costello Show [Performance]

Nightwalking Conference, South Bank Centre, London, UK: 09.27.2001

PUSH – Black Artists Festival, Young Vic Theatre, London, UK: 07.09.2001

Theatre of Memory, Theatre of Myth, Walworth Chapel, London, UK: 09.23.2000

Toynbee Hall Studios, London, UK: 12.18.1999

Acme [Performance]

Exit Performance Festival, The Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland: 03.02.2001

291 Gallery,London UK: 11.2 and 16.2000

Confessions of an Idiot [Performance]

Performance and Liminality Conference, Brunel University, London, UK: 05.20.2000

291 Gallery,London UK: 03.09.2000

A Proposal for the Redevelopment of Phoenix Arts Centre [Performance]

New Works Festival, Phoenix Arts Centre, UK: 10.02.1999

Employee of the Month [Performance]

New Works Festival, Y Theatre, Leicester, UK: 10.02.1998

Monopoly [Performance]

Fix ’98 - Biennial of Live Art, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, UK: 06.18.1998

Fragments Festival, Phoenix Arts Centre, Leicester, UK: 01.28.1998

Unidentified [Performance]

European Media Art Festival, Osnabruck, Germany: 09.14.1996

Untitled [Performance]

Summer Exhibitionists, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London, UK: 07.15.1995


Unless indicated, listed screenings are in group show/festival contexts.

Europe, Endless [Video – 10:00]

To You, To You, To You: The Arts Centre, Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, UK: 10.7.2018

To You, To You, To You: Toynbee Studios, London, UK: 10.06.2018

Spectacle: A Portrait of Stuart Sherman [Documentary Film – 91:50]

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA: 11.24.2015 [Solo Screening]

Live Screens, Live Art Development Agency, London, UK: 11.02.2015 [Solo Screening]

Tate Britain, London, UK: 09.12.2014 [Solo Screening]

BBC Art Screen Festival, Glasgow Film Theatre, Scotland, UK: 04.12.2014

Performa Biennial (in collaboration with the Whitney Museum) Abrons Art Center, New York, USA: 11.15.2013 [Premiere]

The World Turned Upside Down (Exhibition Symposium), Mead Gallery,Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, UK: 10.04.2013 [In progress excerpt]

Action (Group Exhibition, curated by Sonia Boyce), The Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK: 01.29 – 03.28.2010 [In progress excerpt]

Common Wealth [Video – 4:01]

Going Nowhere Festival of Sustainability, Melbourne, Australia: 11.25.2012

European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck, Germany: 04.19.2012

Beyond Zero Exhibition, Stockwell Studios, London, UK: 03.2012

UK Film Festival, Aubin Cinema, London, UK: 12.2011

What is a Performance Artist? [Video – 2:22]

MPA-B: Month of Performance Art, Berlin, Germany: 05.02 – 31.2011

Digitalizar lo Efimero, Alcala de Henares, Cuenca, Madrid, Spain: 11.26.2007

La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain: 11.24.2007

Videofronteras, University of Alcala de Henares, Madrid, Spain: 11.20 – 23.2007

Artsadmin Summer Season, Toynbee Hall Studios, London, UK: 6.13 – 14.2007

Reframing Artists Video & Performance, Greenwich Film Festival, London, UK: 03.26.2006

International Exhibitionists, The Curzon Cinema, London, UK: 02.26.2005

Uncinematic [Video/Live Performance – Varied Durations]

Robin Deacon - Artist in Residence, Camden Arts Centre, London, UK: 06.28.2006

IMPORT/EXPORT, Kaskadenkondensator Project Space, Basel, Switzerland: 06.23.2005

They Used to Call it a White Elephant [Video – 24:32]

Variety Acts (Performance/Screening Program), Live Art Development Agency/De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, UK: 11.11.2005

Passionate About [Video – 5:44]

OMSK (Live Art/Screening Event)ClubBlå, Oslo, Norway: 5.9 - 13.2001

The Unchaperoned, (Group Exhibition) Aroma Project Space, Berlin, Germany: 4.6 – 15.2001

Miscellaneous Performance Documentation Screenings [Video - Varied Durations]

Contexts 2019 International Festival of Ephemeral Art, Sokolwsko, Poland: 25.07.2019

Musee Cantonal Des Beaux Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland: 05.29.2009

Live Art Unpacked, Centre d'Art Contemporain, Genève, Switzerland: 05 – 15.03.2008

Live Art On Screen, Khoj Live ‘08, New Delhi, India: 20 – 30.03.2008

Bodily Functions/Live Art Unpacked, Granary Theatre, Cork, Ireland: 06.10.2007



Vinyl Equations [Talk]

TBA Festival: Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, USA: 09.2017

Sector 2337, Chicago, USA: 11.11.2017

Encountering Oneself: Time Travel and the Performance Document [Paper]

PSi#19: Performance Studies International Conference, Stanford University, USA: 06.28.2013

Ingestion [Paper]

Remake: Performing Documents Conference: University of Bristol, UK: 09.15.2012

Too Beautiful to be Wasted [Paper]

‘Spouting Off’ Symposium: School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA: 02/2012

‘10 Performances’ (Symposium): Roehampton University, UK: 11.26.2009

Presence and Absence in Live Art Practice [Talk]

Current Thinking: Tate Modern, London: 03.2007

Hard Water and other Objects [Paper]

Performance Studies International Conference (PSi#7) University of Mainz, Germany: 03.2001



IN>Time Festival: Performance, Practice and Location, Chicago Cultural Center, USA - Panel: Aine Phillips (Burren College, Ireland) and Roberto Sifuentes (SAIC): 02.2016.

Rapid Pulse Festival 2014, Society for Arts, Chicago, USA - Panel Chair for Rapid Pulse Festival artists discussion: 06.2014

Mary Neal Day, Cecil Sharp House, London, UK - Panel (Chair): Rhett Krause (American Morris Association) and Vida Olinick Brown (NY Ballet): 02.2009

IETM Intercultural Dialogue, Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland - Panel: Fred Frumberg (Amrita Performing Arts) and Dirk Korell (Moov ‘n Aktion): 06.2008

Material Engagements: Practicing Research, British Library, London, UK - Mentor for PhD students for AHRC event in conjunction with Roehampton University: 04.2007

Re-Sensitised Symposium, Nottingham Trent University, UK: 05.2007

Dramatrix Dramaturgy Conference, Oval House Theatre London, UK - Panel: Thomas Frank (Brut Artspace, Vienna) and Mem Morrison (Artist): 12.2005

Do Not Interrupt Your Activities: The Royal College of Art, London, UK - Panel: Polly Staple (Frieze Magazine), Claire Bishop (Art Historian) and David Hatcher (Artist): 04.2005

'We Love You' Conference, Goethe Institute, London, UK - Panel: Simon Casson (Duckie), Helen Paris (Curious), Robert Pacitti (Pacitti Company): 04.2004

Offside (Spread the Word), Commonwealth Institute, London, UK: 06.2002