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ABOVE: Prototypes (2009) Photograph by Robin Deacon


The development of this film and performance marked a shift in my practice towards the notion of ‘live installation’, with the work developing an increasingly durational aspect. Prototypes was concerned with the interconnection of architecture, memory, location, travel, the passage of time, and the process of ageing.

“By taking on the role of a researcher, undertaking a spoof civil engineering ‘project’, the artist attempts to rebuild, in model form, a stretch of railway line, as seen from a window in Southall, West London during the 1980’s. Speculating as to what lies outside of this field of vision, there is the suggestion of a ‘theoretical’ terminal station at the other end of the line, as imagined by a young railway enthusiast. But how are the two to be connected today? A visit is made to a model railway fair to seek expert advice.” [PRESS RELEASE]

Prototypes represented a further development of my video based performance, with an emphasis on documentary concerns. Originally commissioned by Home/Architecture Week in 2005, the performance was initially developed from an artist led guided tour around London’s main railway terminals to its presentation as a large-scale installation with performance and video aspects. A draft version of the performance in this form was presented at the Sensitive Skin festival of performance, Nottingham Trent University, and at the Green Room in Manchester in 2006. I subsequently performed a new version of the piece at Toynbee Hall in London as part of Artsadmin’s relaunch event in June 2007. The culmination of this project was the showing of its final version at the Soho Theatre, London as part of the SPILL Festival of Ferformance in May 2009 which incorporated my father as an additional performer and collaborator.


Spill Festival of Performance, Soho Theatre, London: 04.16 – 18.2009 / Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt, Germany: 01.29 and 03.01.2008 / Artsadmin Summer Season, Toynbee Hall, London, UK: 06.13 – 14.2007 / The Sensitive Skin Festival of Performance, Nottingham Trent University, UK: 05.25.2006 / Green Room Spring Season ’06, The Green Room, Manchester, UK: 04.07.2006


A short edit of Prototypes (as part of the SPILL Festival of Performance) can be seen here.

Documentation of the final version of this performance (as part of the SPILL Festival of Performance) can be seen here.


An review of Prototypes in Total Theatre Magazine (Issue 21 - 3, Autumn 2009) can be found here.


ABOVE: Prototypes (2009) Video Still Courtesy of SPILL TV