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VINYL EQUATIONS / 2018 - 2019

ABOVE: Vinyl Equations (2018) Photographs by Polly Yates


“Syd Barrett and Nina Simone. Isaac Hayes and Richard Nixon: These are some of the radically differing voices juxtaposed within Vinyl Equations, a performance that presents a series of vinyl records in unusual combinations to generate the beginnings of an alternative, non-linear, non-genre based history of recorded music, in strictly analogue terms. Accompanied by a single record turntable, artist and writer Robin Deacon will share a collection of stories, lectures and possible dance routines that aim to uncover strange echoes and oblique similarities between the records he has chosen for analysis. From describing a childhood fear of Joy Division, to a contemporary search for an obscure record of Caribbean folk songs featuring the voice of his mother, Vinyl Equations shifts between the realms of direct autobiographical account and fictional speculation in an approach that has come to characterize Robin Deacon’s work.” [PROGRAM NOTE]


In>Time Festival, Links Hall, Chicago, USA: 02.27 – 28. 2019 / Colchester Arts Centre, UK, 11.20.2018 / Cambridge Junction UK, 11.21.2018 / Norwich Arts Centre, UK: UK, 11.22.2018 / TBA Festival, Portland Institute of Contemporary Arts, USA: 09.11 - 13/2018


Edited highlights of this performance can be seen here.

Documentation of the final version of this performance can be seen here.


ABOVE: Vinyl Equations (2018) Photographs by Polly Yates




ABOVE: Vinyl Equations (2019) Photograph by Polly Yates